The Complete Hamburger by Ronald L. McDonald

With a forward by Richard McDonald.
The real FOUNDER of McDonald’s Hamburgers

The world knows Ronald McDonald as the foremost expert on hamburgers. In The Complete Hamburger, Ronald shares the knowledge of over a half century as a Burger Meister.

The Complete Hamburger contains: The History of the Hamburger, The History of Fast Food and of course the History of the McDonald’s Brothers in their building of McDonald’s Hamburgers.

Ronald is also an award winning chef. The Complete Hamburger contains 66 world class burger recipes and a list of the 2016 Best Burgers in America.

The Complete Hamburger is a must read for history buffs, cook book collectors, chefs and those interested in finding the Best Burger Joint in their town.

Ever stop by a “Kroc Burgers” for a “Big Kroc”?

Ever wondered “Why” if Ray Kroc was the Funder of McDonald’s he decided to call it McDonald’s?

Well, so have we. You see WE ARE THE McDONALDs. We have tried to deal with the fact that a salesman, who worked for 5 Years for the family as a Franchise Salesman was able to anoint himself as “The Founder” of McDonald’s Hamburgers and no one ever challenged that LIE since 1961!

The real story is so much like a Mario Puzo novel that no one would believe us when we told it. Now they are making a movie called “The Founder” about Mr. Kroc and Michael Keaton will be playing the role and once again the real story will never see the light of day.

In 1995, when Richard (Dick) McDonald was still alive, we collaborated to document all the trials and hard work of Dick and his brother Maurice (Mac) McDonald, that transformed McDonald’s Hamburgers into a new concept: “Fast Food” (something else that they never received credit for).

The Complete Hamburger was written to tell the “REAL” story behind the founding of McDonald’s. Dick and I contacted the McDonald’s corporation and asked for access to the photo archives for the book and we received a response from their legal department asking for a copy first. Once they read it the refused us access to anything from the early years citing “We feel you are not portraying Mr. Kroc in a favorable light.”

Favorable Light! From the man who lied, cheated and corrupted everything that Mac and Dick did to build the concept into a chain.


Dick conceived and designed the “Golden Arches”, now the World’s most recognized logo.

Dick developed the systems and even designed the equipment to allow McDonald’s to serve a hot meal in 15 seconds. Dick called it “The Speedy System” and it became known as Fast Food to the world.

In my life I have traveled this entire Country of ours and to over 50 foreign countries and I am always asked about the real story. Well, it is difficult to do when the McDonald’s Corporation can spend tens of millions propagating the lie that a simple milk shake salesman who sold milk shake machines to the McDonald brothers and eventually became a franchisee and then a franchise salesman when the salesman they had took suspiciously too ill to continue his duties.

And of course ignoring the fact that the brothers had 270 Franchise units and 1 company owned unit, each doing over $350,000 per year apiece from which they received: Franchise Fees, Royalties, Rebates from Vendors, Proprietary Product Income (everything that had McDonald’s printed on it) and income from the advertising commitments that were a part of the agreement. And yet, these brilliant businessmen were induced to sell the business for just $2.7 Million dollars to an employee from the Chicago area. That is less than $10,000 per unit…… Makes you think doesn’t it ?

And Kroc was allowed to change history: Kroc claims the first store was in Des Plaines, Illinois when the World knew it was started in San Bernardino, California. Kroc claims to be the Founder and the real Founding McDonald Brothers were never mentioned on any of the brass plaques that were placed in every unit.

So I invite you to read the true founding information and also enjoy some of the many recipes I have collected from around the country and around the world for that great American favorite “The Hamburger.”

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Where are the Best Burgers in USA? Ronald Knows

What You'll Learn

McDonald’s is the only American corporation in history which was purchased by an employee, who then declared himself the “Founder”

McDonald’s Corporation: Ray Kroc is the Founder of McDonald’s
The Truth: Richard and Maurice McDonald conceived, designed and founded McDonald’s Restaurants.

McDonald’s Corporation claims: Kroc pitched his vision of creating McDonald’s restaurants all over the U.S. to the brothers. In 1955, he founded McDonald’s Systems, Inc. The predecessor of the McDonald’s Corporation.

History: Ray Kroc sold milkshake mixers to the McDonald brothers who were expanding through franchising. Kroc applied for the position of salesman and bought his first franchise after William Tansley, the franchise salesman, got ill. Ray Kroc was an EMPLOYEE. Not a Founder.

Fast Food

Learn the history of fast food, and enjoy 66 American and international hamburger recipes, tested and approved by Ronald L. McDonald.

About The Author

Whenever you run into Ronald and ask “How are You Today?” you will get the same positive answer “Great, I’m above ground, what more could you ask for.” It is love of life and positive attitude that seems to surround Ronald wherever he goes.

The same goes for his farewells, “God Bless and have a Blessed Day” for Ronald acknowledges that there is more to life than just a simple “Goodbye” can cover.

Ronald’s youth was a daily adventure. His father was involved as a businessman with interests in Florida and Cuba. His grandmother was a tenacious Scottish small business woman, in a time when women didn’t own businesses.

On the other coast members of his family, Richard and Maurice McDonald were busy building the McDonald’s Brothers Burger Bar, soon to be known by their “Golden Arches,” and destined to become the behemoth that is known today, worldwide as McDonald’s Hamburgers.

Ronald has been a successful restaurateur and restaurant design and operations consultant for many decades and a board member of numerous restaurant corporations. Ronald was an innovator in the “High Quality Heat & Serve” food manufacturing industry.

Ronald is still very active today and engaged in a number of business enterprises and still thanking God every morning for allowing him to be able to do what he loves: work.

Ronald L. McDonald

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